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Đăng bởi: gbsjsc - Tham gia: 05/04/2011
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Màn hình y tế - Model : MMD-MMD-4300C

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Thông tin chi tiết sản phẩm

The 30" MMD-4300C integrates multiple viewing modes and color-to-grayscale technology, enabling flexible viewing options. MMD-4300C is ideal for 3D color rendering and image fusion applications. The MMD-4300C is also awarded by Taiwan Excellence 2008, the highest accolade awarded to products that encapsulate innovalue.


  • 30" color TFT LCD
  • Resolution-2560(H) x 1600(V)
  • Max. luminance: 370cd/m2   Max. calibrated luminance: 250cd/m2
  • GrayEasy® 30-bit deep color technology
  • Built-in front sensor for DICOM conformance and auto-dimming function
  • Selectable Gamma 1.8,2.0,2.2 and color temperature settings
  • Single 4MP and dual 2MP viewing mode setup
  • Smart OSD for easy monitor control
  • Intelligent display mode auto adjustment with graphic card auto detection
  • Intelligent color-to-gray conversion for grayscale applications
  • IPXX/IPX2 compliant

Intelligent Color Display Solutions

GrayEasy® 30-bit Deep Color Technology

30-bit color image (10-bit for each RGB element) can be displayed on MMD-4300C without any image loss. Through IEI’s unique GrayEasy® technology, it's unnecessary to replace the monitors for future HDMI™ 1.3 supported deep color display capabilities.  

Multiple Viewing Modes and Color to Grayscale Technology

IEI has designed multiple viewing setups and color to grayscale technology into our 4MP MMD-4300C color display,bringing the intelligence and flexibility to your imaging workstation. Through color to grayscale technology,the RGB signal received can be accurately reproduced in grayscale via conversion function. IEI allows you to choose within a wide range of viewing modes for your PACS applications

Single Viewing Mode

In single viewing mode, the MMD-4300C is displayed as a single 4MP monitor, either in color or in grayscale mode.


Dual Viewing Mode

In dual viewing mode, MMD-4300C is configured to display as seamless dual 2MP monitor by two DVI signal inputs. With color to grayscale technology, MMD-4300C can be viewed as multiple modes without change to your PACS configuration.The independent Look-Up-Table for DICOM and Gamma calibration ensures the best display quality for diagnostic applications.


Auto-Dimming for Ambient Light Adjustment 


With the front sensor that auto-detects the amount of light in the viewing environment and auto-adjusts the brightness of the display, the auto-dimming function helps create better diagnostic experience under proper light condition and extend backlight lifetime.

User Selectable Gamma Settings and Color Temperature Settings

IEI provides you with flexible Gamma settings and color temperature settings
for side-by-side image comparison in dual-viewing modes. The independent
Gamma settings (Gamma 1.8,2.0,2.2) and color temperature settings (6500K, 9300K) provides flexible display modes for images from different modalities.

100% Compatible with VESA DDC/CI Protocol

MMD-4300C is implemented with the VESA DDC/CI protocol and the standard VESA Monitor Control Command Set (MCCS). The MMD-4300C allows easier two-way communications with the host PC with only a DVI cable. Additional serial or USB cables are not necessary. Through DDC/CI protocol, the software OSD manages
some MMD-4300C functions remotely. This reduces the maintenance cost for the end user. IEI also provides software OSD customization services with a command library and customer defined MSSC command programming supports for easier software development.

Various software OSD functions:
• Power mode control – On/Off
• Display mode selection: 4MP/2MP, color/monochrome
• Gamma and color temperature selection
• Luminance selection
• DICOM/ Gamma Look-Up-Table selection
• Monitor Information

Built-in Front Sensor for Continuous DICOM Conformance Testing
For superior image quality, IEI has designed a built-in sensor onto the front of the display. The front-mounted sensor can further provide you the flexibility of continuous DICOM conformance testing. The compact and front-mounted sensor continually monitors the luminance output to ensure consistent and reliable image over time, allowing the best diagnostic experience.

Built-in Front Sensor

IPX2 Compliance
The whole enclosure of MMD-4300C is compliant with IPX2 waterproof standard. The MMD-4300C can be used in the operating room where is humid and waterproof is considered important.


PACSmate 4MP MMD-4300C
Drive System a-Si TFT active matrix Default gamma Gamma 2.2
Display area (H x V) 641.3mm x 400.8 mm LUT 10-bit for each RGB
Diagonal size of display 75.6cm (30.0 inches) USB 2.0 hub 1 upstream/
2 downstream
Resolution (H x V) 2560 x 1600 Signal input Dual link DVI-D (digital)
Display color 16,777,216 colors Membrane keypad Yes
Pixel pitch (H x V) 0.2505mm x 0.2505 mm Sub-pixel pitch (H x V) 0.0835mm x 0.2505 mm
Pixel format RGB (Red dot, Green dot, Blue dot) vertical stripe Max. Luminance (calibrated) 250cd/m2
Luminace-max. 370cd/m2 Contrast ratio 1000:1 (typical)
Backlight 16 CCFL Physical dimensions
(H x W x D)
With stand: 522mm x 736mm x 266 mm (landscape)
Without stand: 480mm x 736mm x 76 mm (landscape)
Viewing angle Right/Left: 178° Up/Down: 178° Power adapter
Input voltage range
Response time (Ton + Toff) 12ms (typical) Power adapter
Input frequency range
Polarizer surface/ hardness Antiglare/ 3H Power adapter
Input AC current
2.0A (max). at 90VAC
Operating temperature 10°C ~ 40°C Power adapter
Power output
24VDC, 6.25A, 150W (max)
Operation relative humidity 30% ~ 75%
Storage temperature -20°C ~ 60°C
Storage/ Transportation
Relative humidity
10% ~ 95%
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