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Đăng bởi: hungm17 - Tham gia: 11/04/2008
Điện thoại: 0436272684 0945335338 0942699949, 0917291334
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Nơi bán:Hà Nội
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Trung tâm quảng cáo thương hiệu sản phẩm.Địa chỉ : p12 - M17 - Ngõ 44 - Phố Bùi Ngọc Dương - Bạch mai - Hà Nội. ĐT : 04.36272684, 0945335338, 0942699949  WEBSITE:  

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Reducing the size of the machine room increases available space in the building. Through the development of the Compact Gearless Traction Machine and Compact Control Panel, Mitsubishi Electric has successfully cut the machine room area to that of hoistway,* where the machine room used to require an area twice as large as that of hoistway. Where our popular Machine Room-less elevators are not well suited for long travels or auxiliary control panels for special options, the new NexWay-S (with the Compact PM Gearless Traction Machine) is the perfect solution. It offers the most advanced elevator features without requiring a large machine room, thus maximizing the use of building space.

Mitsubishi Electric was the first company to replace induction motors with its highly sophisticated permanent magnet (PM) motors for high-speed and super high speed elevators. The highly efficient, extremely thin PM motor manufactured by Mitsubishi’s unique stator core technology has dramatically reduced the size of traction machines. Our new compact gearless traction machine is applicable for the range of 0.75 to 2.5 m/sec and up to 2,500kg, where geared traction machines used to be applied.


The control panel that drives the PM motor has also been reduced in size. Incorporating the most advanced, low-loss IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) into an optimal design, the power unit has decreased in size significantly, making the control panel itself smaller than our previous models. The functions and performance of this Compact Control Panel remain unchanged. The VVVF Inverter Control delivers smooth, high precision control of the traction machine. A combination of these state of- the-art components contributes to significant power savings, while achieving the desired functions and performance of the control panel.


*The area of the machine room may have to be larger than that of the hoistway in (a), (b) and/or (c).
(a) An optional feature that requires a panel(s), in addition to the control panel, is requested.
(b) The car interior width (AA) is less than 1,600 mm, and the entrance width (JJ) is less than 900 mm for 2-panel center opening (CO)
or 1,100 mm for 2-panel side opening (2S).
(c) The counter weight is installed in a side drop position.


Mitsubishi Electric’s group elevator control systems are always evolving, seeking the best solutions to ease the frustrations of waiting for an elevator. To optimize the efficiency of elevator service, Mitsubishi has adopted several logic systems based on Neural Networks*1 with AI*2 technology, thereby enhancing transport efficiency and successfully reducing passengers’ waiting time. To further maximize elevator services, Mitsubishi has prepared a wide range of routines to judge and select the best service pattern.

There are two systems available depending on the type of building.
• AI-22 for small or medium buildings with 2 to 4 cars
• AI-2200 for large buildings with 3 to 8 cars

*1: Neural network is a mathematical model that emulates the structure of the nerves and cells of the human brain and its information processing mechanisms.
*2: Abbreviation of “artificial intelligence”.
*3: Available only for ΣAI-2200.

*4: Rules to allocate cars necessary for group control.
*5: Up to 8 hall operating panels can be installed at main floor only for one group control system.
*6: Previous Mitsubishi group control system.

:: Dynamic Rule-Set Optimizer*3
Elevator control (car allocation) by ideal Rule-Set Use of Neural Networks technology has enabled the system to predict passenger traffic within intervals of several minutes for continual and accurate forecasting. A high speed RISC (Reduced Instruction Set Computer) runs real-time simulations with multiple Rule-Sets*4 and the predicted traffic, in order to select the Rule-Set which optimizes transport efficiency.

Example of Rule-Set selection with real-time simulation The diagram below shows an example during a morning up peak time, where an ideal Rule- Set is selected every few minutes according to the traffic conditions in the building.

:: Destination Oriented Prediction System*3

Immediate indication of the elevator to serve When a passenger presses a destination floor button on the hall operating panel, an elevator letter will immediately appear next to the destination floor button in order to inform the passenger which elevator to board. The Destination Oriented Prediction System analyzes the number of calls made by the hall operating panel(s)*5 and their destinations, in order to minimize the passengers’ travel time. Thus, the transport efficiency can be enhanced dramatically, especially during peak times. Passengers do not need to press the floor buttons once they board the elevator, as the destinations requested on the floor have already been registered.


Mitsubishi Electric has taken every step to provide all elevator passengers with a safer, more comfortable ride. We design our elevators with the following seven universal design* principles.

Equitable Use
Flexibility in Use
Simple and Intuitive Use
Perceptible Information
Tolerance for Error
Low Physical Effort
Size and Space for Approach and Use  


(1) Larger Indicator [P, L]
Our new indicators are made more viewable, approximately 1.6 times larger than our previous ones.

(2)Tactile Buttons [E, F]
The tactile buttons have been redesigned for enhanced operability for every passenger including those visually impaired. With the new numeral design and attractive color contrast, passengers can easily recognize which button to press. Besides this new appearance, the numeral on each button is embossed, so that visually impaired passengers can easily locate the correct button with a simple touch.

(3)Larger Door Open Button [F, SI, P, T]
Our “easy-to-use” door open button is approximately 1.6 times larger than before, so that passengers will not press the door close button by mistake.

(4) Voice Guidance System (optional) [E, SI, P]
The Voice Guidance System narrates information such as elevator traveling direction, floors to serve, etc.

(5) Glass Windows (optional) [T]
Both car and hall doors equipped with tempered glass windows* allow passenger(s) to be seen from outside the elevator, thus enhancing their security.
Note: *Recommended at all floors.

(6) Full-height Mirror (optional) [T, L]
A stainless steel mirror is available for car interior panels. When installed in the center of the rear wall, wheelchair users exiting from the elevator can visually check for obstacles behind them.

(7) Thicker Handrails (optional)[F, L]
The handrails have been made thicker (38mm in diameter) so that passengers can hold the handrails securely through out their travel in the elevator.

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