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Đăng bởi: hungm17 - Tham gia: 11/04/2008
Điện thoại: 0436272684 0945335338 0942699949, 0917291334
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Trung tâm quảng cáo thương hiệu sản phẩm.Địa chỉ : p12 - M17 - Ngõ 44 - Phố Bùi Ngọc Dương - Bạch mai - Hà Nội. ĐT : 04.36272684, 0945335338, 0942699949  WEBSITE:  

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Mitsubishi Electric’s cutting-edge technology offers the most advanced elevator features without requiring a large machine room. Our newly developed traction machine and control panel can be adapted to suit the required speed and capacity for any building use or design.
  • Compact Traction Machine
  • Compact Control Panel
Mitsubishi Electric was the world’s first company to replace induction motors with permanent magnet (PM) motors, developed in-house, for high speed and super high-speed elevators. Through continual efforts, our Research and Development engineers have created an extremely compact, highly efficient “Poki Poki Motor*,” which reduces the traction machine size by about 30% in axial dimension. The Poki Poki Motor also conserves energy, reduces CO 2 emission, and runs for a longer life span. The combination of its unique foldable-joint structure and our proprietary stator core technology enhanced the manufacturing efficiency significantly, making it possible to adopt the Poki Poki Motor to most of our elevators.

*Refer to “” for details about the Poki Poki Motor.

The reduced number of PCBs, a high-accumulation LSI integrating digital control circuitry, and application of the “heat-pipe method” to the low-loss IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) are configured in an optimal design and greatly contribute to cutting the size of the control panel to less than half the size of the previous control panels.


The combination of “high-speed computer processing” and Mitsubishi Electric’s innovative “Active Roller Guide” delivers an impressive riding experience with the least noise and vibration. Furthermore, the highly accurate door sensors and leveling devices can be adopted to ensure the safety of passengers boarding and exiting the elevator cars.
• High-Speed Computer Processor
• Advanced Door Controls
• Active Roller Guide (Optional)
• High Accuracy Landing Feature (maximum ฑ5mm)


High-Speed Computer Processor
The high-accumulation LSI integrating digital control circuitry has significantly increased the speed of the computer processing, enabling precise control of the traction motor for acceleration and deceleration. This innovation delivers a quality ride with the least noise and vibration. The adoption of the low-noise IGBT with faster switching speeds also contributes to further reduce the noise.
Advanced Door Controls
VVVF* Inverter Control has been adopted to ensure smoother and quieter door operations, thereby enhancing passenger safety and product reliability. Our innovative door operation system employs a highly efficient “one-chip RISC microcomputer” which detects the constant variations on each floor in the door load, the strength of the wind, and even sediment in the sill grooves. It adjusts the door open and close speeds, as well as the door motor torque as needed for each floor using the Auto Tuning function. The learning-capable Door Load Detector immediately reverses the doors when abnormal load is detected on the doors.

Active Roller Guide*
(Available only with GPM- I I I of 5.0m/sec. or higher)
The amount of lateral vibration generated by high-speed elevator cars is tremendous. A world’s first innovation in the industry, Mitsubishi Electric's Active Roller Guide technology greatly reduces the vibration. It works via an accelerometer that detects car vibration during operation, along with actuators that cancel the vibration through a controlled electromagnetic force. Mitsubishi Electric Active Roller Guides ensure a more comfortable ride than elevators employing conventional roller guides.

Multi-Beam Doors Sensor (Optional)
3D Multi-Beam Door Sensor(Optional)
Multiple infrared light beams emitted between the car door edges (and those emitted toward the hall in case of 3D) protect passengers from getting caught by closing doors. Doors reverse and open immediately if the beams are interrupted during door closing.


Mitsubishi Electric has taken every step to provide all elevator passengers with a safer, more comfortable ride. We design our elevators with the following seven universal design* principles.

Equitable Use
Flexibility in Use
Simple and Intuitive Use
Perceptible Information
Tolerance for Error
Low Physical Effort
Size and Space for Approach and Use  


(1) Larger Indicator [P, L]
Our new indicators are made more viewable, approximately 1.6 times larger than our previous ones.

(2)Tactile Buttons [E, F]
The tactile buttons have been redesigned for enhanced operability for every passenger including those visually impaired. With the new numeral design and attractive color contrast, passengers can easily recognize which button to press. Besides this new appearance, the numeral on each button is embossed, so that visually impaired passengers can easily locate the correct button with a simple touch.

(3)Larger Door Open Button [F, SI, P, T]
Our “easy-to-use” door open button is approximately 1.6 times larger than before, so that passengers will not press the door close button by mistake.

(4) Voice Guidance System (optional) [E, SI, P]
The Voice Guidance System narrates information such as elevator traveling direction, floors to serve, etc.

(5) Glass Windows (optional) [T]
Both car and hall doors equipped with tempered glass windows* allow passenger(s) to be seen from outside the elevator, thus enhancing their security.
Note: *Recommended at all floors.

(6) Full-height Mirror (optional) [T, L]
A stainless steel mirror is available for car interior panels. When installed in the center of the rear wall, wheelchair users exiting from the elevator can visually check for obstacles behind them.
(7) Thicker Handrails (optional)[F, L]
The handrails have been made thicker (38mm in diameter) so that passengers can hold the handrails securely through out their travel in the elevator.



Mitsubishi Electric’s advanced control and operation technology provide significant power savings. Other environmentally responsible manufacturing methods include reduction of the amount of lead in wire soldering, and elimination of the use of potentially harmful substances such as vinyl chloride plastics during the manufacturing process.
• VVVF Inverter Control
• Energy Saving in Off-peak Periods
• Reduced Soldering Work
• Elimination of Potentially Harmful Substances

VVVF Inverter Control
Mitsubishi Electric is the world’s first company to develop a VVVF Inverter Control for elevators. The VVVF Inverter Control delivers not only smooth control of the traction machine, but its regenerative braking system also significantly conserves energy. The low-noise IGBT further reduces energy consumption, as it operates at a low voltage yet at a faster switching speed. A highly efficient PWM (pulse width modulation) converter is applied to high-speed elevators, delivering impressive overall energy savings.
Energy Saving in Off-peak Periods*
Mitsubishi Electric’s group controller comes with unique energy saving features that are designed to automatically reduce energy consumption while elevators are in standby mode. In addition, during off-peak periods, the group controller goes into “sleep mode” to further reduce energy consumption, yet remains “awake” enough to constantly monitor potential elevator calls.
*Available only with AI Group Control Systems

Mitsubishi Electric’s Information Technology creates great strides in elevator evolution. Our new technology creates benefits not only for passengers but also for building tenants and owners. The cutting-edge IT solutions include the following:
• Graphic Display & Touch Panel System
• * AI Group Control Systems
• MelEye Elevator & Escalator Remote Monitoring and Control System
*AI: Abbreviation of “artificial intelligence”.

Graphic Display & Touch Panel System
An innovative, easy-to-use navigation system using a thin film transistor liquid crystal display (TFT-LCD), that enables passengers to select destination floors while allowing the building tenants or owners to create customized displays of event news or advertisements. The “information as you wish” feature allows for the creation of attractive and eye-catching displays tailored to each user’s needs.

Graphic Display
A high-definition LCD displays graphics that show the elevator’s current position and direction, date and time, customized messages and images. The bright, highly visible color liquid crystal display can be seen clearly from almost any angle.
Touch Panel
The Touch Panel employs advanced touch sensors and offers high reliability and durability. It displays both graphical destination buttons and customized messages. A light touch on the destination button is all that's needed to register a desired floor.
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